81% of clients who visit the Expungement Help Desk are either unemployed or underemployed.

Criminal Records

DeShawn's application for a student loan was denied due to a rap sheet with four arrests. Each time he was arrested he was released after it became clear he wasn’t involved in any crime.

Trisha was fired from her job after four years of exemplary service when her application for a promotion triggered a background check that flagged an eight-year-old misdemeanor conviction.

Pastor Jackson seeks a clemency for a robbery he participated in when he was 18. His goal is for the state to hire him as a prison minister, a volunteer position he has held for nearly two decades.

In each of these cases and in every criminal records matter we address, we seek to remove persistent barriers to employment by expunging or sealing eligible arrest and conviction records.

Our Expungement Help Desk at the Daley Center provides high-volume assistance to thousands each year who legally qualify to clear their records. Most individuals served at the Help Desk have either no convictions or only minor, non-violent convictions from years ago with no intervening arrests. Our clemency clients have had no arrests or convictions for a period of at least 10 years and have demonstrated significant life changes.

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