Records Expungement and Sealing Help

Please read before applying for help from our Help Desk at the bottom of this page

STEP ONE: Do You Have a Copy of Your Criminal Record? What Records Do I Need?

  • Given current guidance about COVID-19 (coronavirus), we cannot recommend you leave your home to get your criminal records at this time. If you choose to get your record, we strongly recommend that you call the Chicago Police Department at 312-745-5623 before 12:00 p.m. to make sure they are open. 

    • If you already have your criminal record, please submit with your application or to the email address provided at the end of the application process.

    • If you do not have your criminal record, you can still submit an application, but our assistance may be limited to consultation only depending on your personal situation.

  • What type of record you will need depends on where you were arrested:

    • If you were arrested by the Chicago Police Department, you should send a copy of your Chicago RAP sheet. See example by clicking here.

    • If you were arrested by another police department in Cook County, we strongly recommend you send a copy of your Illinois State Police (ISP) report. ​You can find instructions by clicking here, or request one when you get your Chicago RAP sheet.

    • If you were arrested before your 18th birthday, you should send a copy of your Juvenile RAP sheet. You can request this when you get your Chicago RAP sheet.


STEP TWO: Which Help Desk you prefer - Daley Center or Markham?

When choosing, keep the following in mind:

  • WHERE WERE YOU ARRESTED? Your petitions must be filed in the District Courthouse(s) where the arrest(s) occurred . This means you may have to go to more than one location to file your petitions. For example:

    • If you were arrested by the Blue Island Police Department, you must file your petitions in the District 6 Markham courthouse.

    • If you were arrested by the Chicago Police Department, you must file petitions in the District 1 Daley Courthouse (or at the 26th & California Criminal Courthouse).

    • If you were arrested by the Evanston Police Department, you must file your petitions in the District 2 Skokie Courthouse.

    • To find out what Cook County District courthouse serves which Cook County city (other than Chicago), you can visit the Clerk's website by clicking here.

  • WHERE DO YOU WANT TO PICK UP YOUR PAPERWORK? Everyone will be scheduled for one of the following locations when we reopen:

    • Daley Center Help Desk: located at 50 W Washington, Rm 1006, Chicago, IL, generally open Monday through Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

    • Markham Help Desk: located at 16501 Kedzie Pkwy, Rm 102J, Markham, IL, generally open Wednesday only at 9:00 a.m. and you will schedule your pick up time in advance. 

STEP THREE: Complete the Online Help Desk process by selecting one of the options below.

  • You will be asked a variety of questions - the entire process will take between 5-10 minutes.

  • You will be asked to upload or email your criminal records - see instructions above about what type of records you need.

  • We will be in touch as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience. Please keep us updated on any phone number, email, or mailing address changes. Please note, our assistance may vary based on your individual situation.

  • We are not sure when the Court will reopen, and you will be unable to file your petitions until then.

  • If you have questions in the meantime, you can contact our intake line at 312-738-2452 and leave a message.

Select One Option Below to Visit our Online Help Desk

We can only accept the first 20 applications per day for the Daley Help Desk

and the first 15 applications per day for the Markham Help Desk.

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