Leveraging Impact

CGLA’s collaborative service model engages partner organizations including workforce development agencies, social service providers and other legal aids to maximize the impact of our legal services. In turn our network service providers broadens and deepens the level of service our clients may receive when they walk through our doors.

Collaborative Impact Demonstration Project

Funded by the Polk Bros. Foundation, CGLA has initiated project with The Cara Program and Growing Home, Inc., two workforce development agencies with expertise in job readiness, training and placement. When coupled with CGLA’s criminal and civil legal and supportive services, we are achieving deeper, more impactful outcomes for individuals who are engaged in our programs jointly. Through a newly developed outcome measurement model, we are tracking joint client outcomes in five key areas of stability: Legal standing, economic opportunity, sustainable housing, positive social connection and client motivation.

Pro-Bono Partnerships

  • Firms: CGLA works with many major law firms in Chicago on collaborative projects including appeals, clemency petitions, and criminal cases involving forensic or expert testimony. We welcome opportunities to explore how firms can leverage their resources to help our clients.
  • Impact Chicago: Funded by law firms through the Association of Pro Bono Counsels (APBCo)

Outreach & Education

  • Community: Our attorneys actively reach out to social service providers, schools, business and civic leaders, and private attorneys to conduct trainings and educational seminars. By educating potential clients and those who serve them, we aim to prevent legal crises from developing. By educating attorneys and community leaders, we aim to inform them of clients’ rights and empower them to invest in our clients’ potential.
  • Employment Guidelines:

Policy Collaboration
We take seriously the responsibility to leverage our expertise in our areas of law to impact policy that affects our clients. Since 2003, CGLA has been instrumental in efforts to improve criminal justice policy in Illinois. We work with the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, Safer Foundation, Community Renewal Society, Chicago Jobs Council, and others to ensure that policy improvements will be effective when implemented.

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