"I think I felt first-hand some of the exhilaration your attorneys experience on a regular basis and it was wonderful…Thanks to CGLA for your good work, and for helping me to help some of CGLA’s deserving clients." -first-time clemency volunteer

Clemency Petitions

times a year, CGLA interviews clients who are seeking to clear their criminal record and for whom executive clemency is their only option. We use volunteers to work with them to prepare the petitions.

Process: Preparing a clemency petition involves interviewing the client in order to learn the facts and context of their record as well as their current life-situation and aspirations. The volunteer then prepares the written petition and prepares the client to present to the Prisoner Review Board. One advantage of this volunteer opportunity is that the majority of the work can take place outside of traditional work hours.

Training: Attend Clemency Petition Training; training typically lasts one hour and is coordinated with the Legal Services Coordinator.

Requirements: This opportunity is specific to law firms and corporations who are able to commit to preparing a minimum of three petitions. Excellent interpersonal skills and commitment to attorney-client relationship.

Suggested Commitment: Volunteers who take on a clemency petition are expected to see the case through from start to finish. A clemency petition typically requires 20-30 hours of work under the guidance of a CGLA staff attorney.

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