"This is God's work. We're just the agents here."

-CGLA Founder, Chuck Hogren

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is for our clients to leave us stronger than they came.


Our Mission

To answer God’s call to seek justice and mercy for those living in poverty by providing legal services that strengthen lives, families and communities.


Our Purpose

We believe that justice is more than a verdict. It’s an opportunity to build bridges and strengthen lives.


Our Values

We seek to plant and nurture seeds of reconciliation, compassion and the desire to serve.

We are committed to:

  • Personal and corporate integrity
  • Zealous advocacy
  • Seeing people as children of God, made in God's image, and will treat them accordingly
  • Serving the whole person
  • Deep involvement with our community


Our Structure

CGLA's legal team includes supervising attorneys who are experienced and accomplished in their areas of legal representation. Each practice area boasts attorneys who are recognized throughout the legal community as leaders. Our attorneys walk collectively to ensure that our legal program provides the best possible outcomes for our clients. Supporting our legal team is an equally strong client support service team made up of social workers. They work to not only strengthen the legal case in conjunction with our attorneys but also provide the much needed non-legal, yet interrelated support system for our clients.


Strategic Direction

What is our vision and theory of change?

CGLA will proactively fill the void of legal representation and wraparound services for people facing negative consequences stemming from contact with the criminal justice system.


Where will we play?

CGLA will create access to justice, opportunity, and second chances for specific underserved populations.


How will we succeed?

Serve specific populations that are most underserved and at-risk 


Develop a comprehensive client-focused assessment model to identify client needs at intake


Provide an array of interdisciplinary legal and supportive services to stabilize clients’ lives


Navigate access to services through carefully selected partnerships and cross-referrals


Evaluate and modify the depth of services based on specific outcomes that lead to whole life transformation


For more information on our strategic direction and priorities, click here to download our five year strategic plan.

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